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Luxury italian real estate : a wonderful demonstration of italian style

The affection felt by italians for other countries ignores Italy is a charming peninsula full of beautiful places. Italians look for nice sights in other states without seeing the natural heritage they live in. They are stupidly distracted by smart foreign advertising and always decide to travel abroad. So they don’t exploit the heritage offered by beautiful places ( mountains, lakes, sea ) in Italy and it’s correct to say they don’t know their country. Italy is also the center of world art and people like studying important artists must come to Italy. So when it comes to italian housing market trends you can see only foreign people show their great admiration for the italian beauty. Infact they spend a lot of money in luxury real estate for sale in Italy. They really like so much to live in great italian cities or countries. Sometimes they buy wonderful apartments in historical centers about Venice, Rome or Milan. And they also buy luxury villas in countries are in Tuscany or Umbria. The real estate agencies are very glad to meet a lot of foreign people desire to buy luxury italian properties and for this reason their business has not been affected by the financial crisis. They have surely changed the prices about the houses but it’s nothing compared to the way other agencies to deal with a economic hardship that afflicted seriously the real estate sector. And then these property transactions even created a positive increase in the local volume of money in circulation. For example, many cities and towns had an international visibility thanks to these deals and so suddenly the cut of the takes is bigger for a lot of shops or restaurants are in these places. And then property values grow at an exponential rate. With regard to real estate, Chinese, Dutch, Russian and American people will still focus on all of Italy. For that reason it can be safely assumed that italian people should consciously recognize that it’s right to visit and use these rich and immense natural and artistic resources. Other countries have not this wonderful heritage and foreign people goes to Italy to find here what they have not in their country. This true and genuine failure is not acceptable and italian peole must feel like they are part of an important nation.

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